Hello Fellow Members!

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I am new to BiggerPockets, and would like to say hello to all my fellow members.

I will keep my introduction short: I am an avid real estate investor. I started with flipping home and have since moved into lending. Now, my primary focus is lending to sophisticated real estate investors.


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Hi Joseph,

Welcome to the site! I am sure many of us would love to hear more about your flipping days and how you transitioned into lending.

What areas do you lend in and what what do you mean by sophisticated investors? Are you talking technology wise?

Welcome Joseph!

Welcome, new here as well

Welcome @Joseph McKnight ! Glad to see knowledgable guys around! Hopefully you can share some good tips and ideas!

Also welcome @Loren Uber ! Loren - you should make your own introduction post! :)

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Welcome Joe

Welcome @Joseph McKnight how are things in the real estate world in your neck of the woods? What kinds of properties do you specialize in?

Thank you all for the warm welcome.

I started investing in real estate while in law school. During that time, I focused on buying rental properties (well, one anyway). After law school I accepted a position at a real estate firm and have been here ever since. I invest through work and personally. As of now, I am primarily a lender but I will invest in a good deal ever now and then.

Thanks for jumping in, Joseph. Welcome!

I'm curious . . . did you go to law school thinking you'd get into real estate?

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Funny, I got into real estate to avoid law school!

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I did not think I would go into real estate. I wanted to be an M&A attorney. However, the money is better in real estate and the hours are much, much better.

I think the hours all depend on what you put into it . . . like anything else.

Regardless, welcome, and I hope we'll see you helping out and engaging in the flipping and private lending forum areas. There are plenty of people looking for help from experienced folks like yourself.

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