Bridgeport CT Meet Up

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I live in Bridgeport CT, am fairly new and would like to know if there are any meet ups in Bridgeport CT.

Welcome to Bigger Pockets, @Almeda Gordon Dawkins  ! There have been a couple of Fairfield meetups recently, organized by @Jonathan Makovsky. And there are quite a few investors from that area who are members of CTREIA. I'm not sure whether this is still the case, but there was a really active Fairfield County subgroup for some time.

Best of luck!

Thank you Karin. Anyone out there would start something in Bridgeport?

Karen, I nominate you to start a meetup in your area.

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haha @Audrey Morgan  - I'm just seeing this now. Thanks for the nomination! You give me too much credit for being able to pull off the organization of a networking event. I haven't found a ton of people out my way, though I believe there would be interest in a meetup that's centrally located at some point. Meanwhile, the Fairfield one is a good one and the folks in NYC kick some butt as well.

Make the meet up on a weekend like Saturday.  Thanks

I would also be willing to attend a meetup in Bridgeport / Stamford. 

Hello All,

We started a SoCT REIA meeting for Fairfield county investors! Come.

Thursday, April 9, 6 p.m. at the Norwalk Inn and Conference Center join SoCT Real Estate Investment Association for a powerful evening with Charles Dobens.

If you're starting your multifamily investing business learn how to:

  • Evaluate Deals
  • Grow your portfolio
  • Pitch Deals
  • Create Proof of Funds Letter
  • Financing Techniques
  • Insider tips from Multifamily Investing Academy pro, Attorney Charles Dobens

Sincerely, Deirdre Virvo, The Southern Connecticut Real Estate Investment Association Founder/Director at [email protected] 

@Almeda  Why don't you invite Craig and the 2 of you set a date and a time in Bridgeport.   Meet at a coffee shop, or at table in a Happy Hour place.  Invite every one and see who shows up.  Do it a few times and see if it works.  In the meantime the 2 of you can net work.

Ask Karen and Audrey maybe they will give you at least a one time commitment to help you start out

Keep us posted and perhaps we can use your group as a role model

I regularly attend the meet up in Fairfield hosted by @Jonathan Makovsky which is an excellent meeting. If you guys want to meet up for coffee somewhere in Bridgeport to sit and chat, I am absolutely interested - and might I nominate Source Coffeehouse in Black Rock as a possible location?

Yes, let us get some people together for Bridgeport. It's good that one is there for Fairfield County, but Bridgeport needs a meet up. Let us do it.

Wonder if any of these meetups ever happened lol 

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