Contractor and Property Managers in Groton?

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Hello All,

I’m under contract on a duplex in Groton, CT, and would like to connect with other investors in the area. I’d also like to expand my list of contractors and property managers to interview. I have some light construction and electrical work that needs to be done.

Please let me know you have any recommendations for the Groton area.



@Edward Sitver , I'm doing the exact same thing right now: compiling my list of contractors and property mangers.  If I settle on anyone in particular I'll keep you in the loop.  If you could do the same I'd appreciate it.  Are you still in CO?

@Brad Ter Beek , I’m still in CO. I have a painter that my brother used in Stonington that I can recommend. And the home inspector I used has some recommendations as well. I’ll let you know how it goes as I begin to get bids. I’ll be in CT Nov 15 for a week to close and get some of the work started. 

Thanks @Edward Sitver , I'll do the same.  Right now I've got three PM's on my list that I'm following up with: Real Property Management, IMT Realty and PD Properties.  I'm going to be meeting with all of them and I'll keep you in the loop once I'm done if you'd like.  Are you flipping a house or just getting it rent ready?

Hi, @Edward Sitver , @Brad Ter Beek ,

I'm looking into Groton now as well. Did you end up settling on a good PM? Also looking for a good investor friendly agent too!



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