Casual CT Meetups? CTREIA?

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Hey local folks, newbie here seeking your opinion on events and meetups.

I've been looking around the forums for some casual Connecticut meetups for awhile and haven't found much besides some old postshhere and there.

Looking elsewhere on the web, I came across the CTREIA website. They have some regular events but no meetups as far as I can tell. I signed up for their mailing list for more info anyway.

Since jumping on the list, it doesn't seem like what I'm looking for. The emails seem to drive folks to seminars. They don't really describe anything, just a click bait subject and over hyped speaker or topic. Some of these events require you to spend nontrivial amounts of money.

Granted, I haven't been to one of their events so I'm judging a book by it's cover. But is this a reflection of the rest the group has to offer? Or is my preception of the group off base? Has anyone had some experience with the group or its events?

And outside of CTREIA, are there any semi regular, casual, central Connecticut meetups?

Thanks for the help!

Hello and Welcome @Patrick Booth

There are a handful of great BP meetups in CT. 

I help co-host the Central CT Meetup in Manchester! Low key, friendly, no pitching, and good speakers! 

@Stephanie Cabral does an amazing job with the Greater Hartford meetup in Glastonbury! 

@Chris Puglisi hosts the Wallingford meetup, haven't been yet but its on my list! 

@Jonathan Makovsky hosts the Fairfield meetup and was also a guest on the BP podcast! 

Best place to find events:

I've attended several BP meetups around CT, and am a regular at the Wallingford one. I've also went to some CTREIA stuff. 

BP, hands down, is a way better experience for networking. 

I've attended some CTREIA meetings, they are good and do their usual meetings every Monday.  BP meet-ups in Fairfield is closer to me and planning to be more regular at this one. 

Thanks everyone for the tips!

I ended up at the Greater Hartford meetup in Glastonbury last night. Met a lot of great people and heard some very interesting stories, absorbing all this awesome info! :)

Looking forward to more meetups in the future and giving back as I progress!

Hey I’m new also. Can’t seem to find any info on the Wallingford meet up. Would love to go and see what Connecticut has to offer. If you could message or tag me I would really appreciate it!

We meet the last Thursday of the month at Sliders in Wallingford.  I will be posting it on the events page within the next couple days.  Hope to see you there!