Building a team in Bridgeport, CT

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Hi all.  I am looking into purchasing small multi family properties in Bridgeport, CT for long term buy and holds. I lived in CT for a number of years so am a bit familiar with the area but not enough to know the subtle differences in each area of Bridgeport.  I am now on Long Island so only a ferry ride away but would love any recommendations for wholesalers, investor friendly agents, contractors, management and/or any great boots on the ground people.  I'd greatly appreciate it if anyone have any recommendations or know certain areas I should look in and/or avoid? 

Hi Diane,

Ive been helping investors in Bridgeport for the past couple years as an agent. I also own. few properties that I have renovated myself. The market in Bridgeport has been very interesting to watch over the last year. I would be happy to schedule a call to chat further. 

@Diane Manders  One tip that has worked well for us is using the Trulia crime maps to determine the areas to stay away from in Bridgeport.  

The numbers may look great on paper but ensuring you can actually achieve them is sometimes a challenge!

I own investments in the area and our company manages for others as well.  Feel free to reach out! 

Originally posted by @Craig Bellot :

We are averaging 4% vacancy in the last year in Bridgeport with our portfolio.

I see some crimes mostly in Hollow, West end West side, and East side, but is it a block by block type situation? Is there any area that your management company would avoid to go to?

I used to live in stamford, and now reside in Long Island. The market in Bridgeport is very appealing to investors. But definitely do your due diligence by researching your areas and being selective with your tenants. My cousin has some investment properties there and he has been to court a few times for eviction of his tenants. Good Luck!

I live in Fairfield, CT.  I have one investment property in Stamford and looking at places in Bridgeport too.  I have actually found that the Black Rock area and area by Sacred Heart/Trumbull area seem to be the two places I feel most comfortable to invest in.  I have actually found a couple places that have been foreclosed on that need some work, but could be some good cash flow properties.  Where have you been looking?  What type of properties?

Hi all,

I notice that most posts are from 2018. Just wanted to check if they are still applicable.

Is vacancy rate still around 4%?

Still a good investment? (area by area basis)

And lastly: with COVID, do you see NY people moving out of the city? which would increase prices in areas like Stamford, drive some people away from Stamford which would eventually drive more people to cities like Bridgeport, therefore increasing prices there? Too surreal?

@Tiago Pina I am a broker and property manager operating between Bridgeport and Stamford. Our market has seen a dramatic increase in activity and interest from NY residents. Any decent property is usually under binder by the end of the weekend.