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Good evening everyone, 

Just wanted to see if any fellow Orlando investors would like to meet up sometime? I have attended a CFRI meeting and plan on attending the general meeting on January 7th but I would like to see if we could get a group of investors together to all hangout and bounce some ideas off of each other without having to pay for it. 

If anyone can give me some ideas of when they would be free, I would be more than happy to set something up for all of us to go to and do a little free networking. Bring your business cards, your ideas, and your positive energy and find other people who are like you that are trying to make something out of investing in real estate... 

I would love it especially if we could get a group of newbies together that have not done any deals yet, (like myself), and see where each of us is at as far as coming up with creative ways to finance deals, or putting our heads together and teaming up for a couple of first time deals. 

If you don't want to respond to this, shoot me a text message with your first and last name at [REMOVED] and I'll include you in a list to maybe get something going in January. 

Sounds like a great idea to me. Having a full time job, my best times to meet up would be Saturdays or Sunday afternoons.

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Hi Jeremy

Love to meet. Working full time, nights or weekends work best.

Hi Jeremy,

Sounds like a good idea to me.  I'd love to meet up.  I work full time but can often manipulate my schedule, so I am pretty flexible.  Keep me posted!


Weekends would be best.  Please keep us posted on when and where and hoping I can make it.


Count me in. Nights and weekends are best for me as well.

Thanks in advance


@Samuel Muniz  , @Javier Marchena  , @Kyle Hussey  

JC Gauthier I'm not sure why It won't tag you. @Victor Collazo    

Awesome response from everyone! It looks like weekends are going to be the time to do it. I live over on the east side of town and I see that we have some people from the north end of town so I'm thinking about doing it maybe in Winter Park or Maitland. If anyone knows of any good places to meet, suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I was thinking something like a Panera Bread location so we could bring laptops (I want to pull up the MLS so we can view some properties) or tablets and get on the internet.

I was thinking about this location as it is right next to I-4 just north of Orlando. 

Panera Bread

1400 Hope Road

Maitland, FL 32751

How would everyone feel about Saturday the 10th around 6 pm? 

That should work out perfectly for me.  Look forward to meeting everyone!

This sounds like a good idea to me... Every one says "attend the CFRI meeting" if you want to learn about real estate. That is fine and dandy, however my problem is that my schedule is hectic and I travel out of state a lot. I have only been able to attend one session in the past year. I would love to find something with a little more flexible schedule.

@Kyle Hussey  awesome I'll see you there! 

@Jaime Penix  yes I feel you on that. I work at a restaurant so I have to be flexible with things as well. This will be more of a networking meeting to share ideas and help each other out. I hope to see you at our meetings sometime. 

@Robert Griffin  I hope to see you at the meeting as well!

i believe I can make it that day as well! I'll go ahead and pencil it into my schedule. Looking forward to meeting you all!

I will be out of the country until Jan 8th, so let me know your next meet up.

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Karen Pena hosted two investor meetings for Orlando folks a few months ago, I had hoped to attend but naturally I wasn unable to.  Not sure what the turnout was for her events but she did a great job getting the word out.  

@Javier Marchena  if you come back on January 8th you should be good. I decided on January 10th, (next Saturday) at 6 pm. Look at the posts up above for the address and more details. 

@Jeremy Shinall  awesome! Look forward to meeting you! 

@Patrick Jacques  will you be able to attend the meeting on the 10th with us? 

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Hi @Jeremy Carl I'm new to bigger pockets and was looking for people to network with in my area and this sounds like a great opportunity to do that. I look forward to meeting everyone there. 

@Carlos Ramos  Nice to meet you man! That's awesome that you found us already before our first meeting. I'm not sure if you've heard of CFRI yet or not but they charge the guests money to attend each meeting and I feel like networking should be done free of charge. I'm going to bring my laptop so we can look at some properties. I encourage everyone to bring a laptop or tablet, especially if you have something you're looking at in particular. I have some market information for Orlando too that we may all be able to discuss and see how certain things will help/harm us as investors.  

@Jeremy Carl  this sounds like a worthwhile meeting. I too am looking to turn my real estate skills in to personal investment. As long as all things remain with my schedule, I hope to see you all there Saturday!

@Jeremy Carl  , no unfortunately l Im unavailable on the 10th, I was hoping I'd be able to make it.  Im sure it'll be successful and there will be more meet ups I can attend!

Hey everyone, 

Just over 6 hours until the meetup. Everything is still a GO! Text me if you have any questions. 

Don't forget to bring your business cards, either a laptop/tablet or something to write on, and some creative ideas for getting deals and how to finance them! 

That location in Maitland is the the corporate office of the local franchisee. I would suggest moving it to a restaurant. I'm fairly certain the doors will be locked on Saturday.

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