Seeking investor-friendly realtors/agents in the Orlando, Fl area

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I am looking for investor-friendly agents in the Orlando, Florida area. If possible, the Clermont, Fl area would be ideal.

Ideally, I hope to find an agent who is also an investor or works with other investors. An agent that is familiar with creative financing, and can look for ways of making things happen.

If there is anyone out there on BP who can help, I would love to hear back from you.


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Orlando, I am an investor friendly agent. Although, I am in East Orlando.
Definitely familiar with creative investing.

Good morning @Orlando Paz . I am an investor agent here in central Florida/Orlando.  I am also an investor myself.  I have been working with investors such as yourself for a few years now.  If I can be of any assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out.  Best of luck!

Hi Orlando,   I started out as an investor before I got my license and I live in Clermont, so let's talk about what you are looking for.

Hi Juliet,

Great to meet you. I sent you a connection request. Definitely interested in talking further.  

Hey Juliet,

I did not recognize you at first, but I'm now happy to see a familiar face!... It's great to see you on BP, and thanks for reaching out to me! As I said in my initial message, I would certainly be interested in working with you. I need to get the ball rolling somehow, and someone who can relate is a huge plus.

I have your card already. When would be the best time to call you?

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