Rental Property in melbourne, Palm bay (Brevard County)

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Are there current investors in brevard county, cities included Melbourne, Palm bay, Rockledge, Viera ETC. IF so what are buyer's interested in and how long does it take to rent a property out?

My experience is that there is a low inventory of rental property in Melbourne and Palm Bay especially under $1000. Clean move in ready roperties will rent quickly.  I'm not familiar with the rental market in Viera and Rockledge.

Thanks, i agree Melbourne seems hard to get into. What about property near Aue Gally and Sarno Road, are these good areas to invest in. I see alot of property out there bu the homes seem small?

Hey scott if u are an investor in these part, what sort of creative ways are needed to scoop up move in ready property?

@Shavonne Justin

 I'm a realtor and investor in Brevard county. Most of my investment is beachside, but I'm doing more and more on the mainland. The best way by far to get properties is to find the off market ones, that takes time though. There are a few good wholesalers in the area however most of those deals need at least some work to be rentable.

Eau Gallie and Sarno Rd areas are renter heavy neighborhoods, I rate them as class C properties. There can be good cashflow on many of those homes. For move in ready, you can still find cashflow deals on the MLS, call the rental ads from Craigslist and see if they'd be interested in selling, you could also market to owners that have filed recent evictions or try out of state owners.

awesome thanks for your response. I am currently doing my dodeligence on educating myself right now. hope i can bounce some more ideas off you.

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