Saint Lucie County/Treasure Coast

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Hello BP Community, I am a wholesaler looking to network with investors, wholesalers, realtors, brokers and anybody with interest in real estate. I want to establish good and longterm relationships with people, as you never know how someone can help or you help them. Everyone's goal is to become successful & knowledgable in the real esate field, that all starts with forming honest and good relationships with people. Good luck everyone, and let's network!

Hey Oscar,

Hope your real estate journey has been treating you well!

I am a wholesaler in Stuart, FL and am also looking to build my network, maybe we can trade some ideas and insight


Richard Rheker

I'm in Stuart and interested in networking with other REI in the area. Just getting started industry so I will be analyzing/educating on the market for a few months until we figure out what this Corona Craze is going to do.

Send me a DM and we can network and map the future. 

I am in the pool/hardscape industry as well if anyone needs a contractor.