Urgently needing a real estate lawyer in Miami

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I urgently require a recommendation for a real estate attorney in the Miami area.
This is a double sided issue relating to a specific performance lawsuit and a counter claim.
I was given a recommendation to one lawyer who seemed quite proactive however he requested a $10,000 upfront retainer which I wasn't comfortable with.
I met another lawyer who requested a $500 retainer and seemed to be confident and knowledgable.
I decided to go with the second one and my experience with him has been like a circus.
I urgently need someone competent. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

What you need is a litigator I assume and not necessarily a real estate attorney. If so, call Steven Adams: http://jones-adams.com/attorneys.html

If you need a real estate attorney who can take care of your closing a, etc, let me know and I can recommend several. Good luck.

@Nat C.

@Nat C. Lawyers can be tricky and most are motivated by seeing green. However a small number of lawyers understand that helping is their utmost priority no matter the circumstance. That's why you will check out Ryan Cox located in South Florida.

Getting what is best for you sometimes requires only a little effort on your part, and that's how it should be. Instead of looking for the best performer in the Cirque du Soleil, we at GREAT Opportunity Realty have had major guidance and direction. @Account Closed will personally vouch for Ryan Cox.

Give him a call at 954-532-1148 and explain your issue. It will get resolved. Don't wait another second. If he's busy with a task, leave him a voicemail and e-mail him at [email protected]. Guided persistence is the key to success.

Joe and Carlos, thank you so much for these recommendations, I know they are both awesome. I've already made an appointment with JD and he sounds great. I heard about Ryan Cox through Nick Britton but I felt like Nick didn't want to release details of his top asset!

None of these suggestions were any good.

Steven Adams is on vacation.

Ryan Cox doesn't do litigation.  

If anyone wants to come forward with another recommendation- please do!