Looking for a CPA in Florida

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Hi All,

I'm looking for a good CPA in Florida (any city) that deals with real estate investors/general contractors.  Need structuring advice for both businesses.  Hopefully someone reasonably priced as well.  Please give your input.  Thanks.

We have one locally that claims he is "the best" and owns investment properties himself. PM for his info if you like. 

Good topic, have been thinking if it is really necessary that one's CPA has experience in tax reporting specifically for property investors, or any good CPA willing -if necessary- to speak to a colleague doing so will suffice.  For example, finding out if there are any particular strategies to put in place for property investors, or things to keep in mind, or special benefits, etc.  Any thoughts on that?

Yes, ideally, your CPA would be someone who has extensive experience in the real estate industry and perhaps even does real estate investing for themselves.