sf Labor Rates for Tile, Glue Down Vinyl, Floating Vinyl install

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In Tampa region, or any Florida region, (please specify  the region) how much are you finding the sf price to be for installation labor on tile, vs glue down vinyl, vs floating vinyl?

North Florida

It varies on the quality of product, areas being installed, floor prep?  On average it should be around $1.50-2.50 for vinyl and laminate and tile $3.00-5.00.

In Central FL, East Coast, Larger projects can be done for as low as 1.25 per sq ft install on vinyl plank or laminate (floating floor)... 1.50 is the regular rate.  Tile on floor averages $5 although you can find installers willing to go down to $4.25.  Wall tile is a whole other story... $12 to $18 per sq ft to install and up depending on design.