Looking for some help in the Pensacola, FL area (Milton)

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Hey there! I need a little help--preferably from someone with some rental and/or property management experience.

I have a rental property under contract to sell this month. I've been self-managing and I am in need of someone to do the final move-out walk through. I'll pay you $100 and it will likely be the easiest $100 you've ever made. I need someone to go through the property, document any problems, damage, etc.--including pictures and descriptions and get the keys to the realtor who is selling the property. 

I say it will be easy because these tenants have kept great care of the place. There are a few minor things I already know about (which I would expect to see on a report), but I don't anticipate any major problems--this is just a "due diligence" walk-through before releasing the deposit.