Insurance Help in Tampa, FL

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Hi there,

Looking for some insurance referrals in the Tampa, FL area. I am buying primary house (which I'll live in) with a separate duplex building in the back to make it 3 units in total.

The quotes I have received are quite higher than I'd like for even half decent coverage so wondering if anyone has a good connection for this type of investment.

hello Justin,

We invest all over Florida and use L&M insurance in Riverview FL.

Don't hesitate to call Kristin for a quote; she's been prompt and very helpful to us.

Florida is a specialized market with mostly regional carriers and only a few national carriers. Citizens is the state-run "insurer of last resort". This means you can only get insurance with them if you are declined by 3 other carriers or your rates are significantly higher than the Citizens quote. 

Definitely get in touch with a Florida based insurance agent that knows the rental markets. They may have a market or two that are eager to insure a specific area and have much lower rates than the others. Good luck!

I found great insurance on my rentals with Rebecca Aldridge at Bird Insurance in Ocala.  She even found reasonable insurance on a couple of rental mobile homes as well as insurance on a property that I bought that needs $35,000 - $40,000 in rehab.