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I'm a real estate investor from Israel looking for my first property (sfh) in Jacksonville. I have been analyzing potential deals for a few months, and I've gotten a good grasp on the different areas where I want to invest.

I've decided that I'm ready to tour the city, so I've booked a flight and will be spending all of next week in Jacksonville. My plan is to see several properties, get to know neighborhoods and meet people that I can work with.

How do you suggest I spend my time in Jacksonville? What are some things I must see, people I should get in touch with, etc.?



For leisure time I recommend you take some time and go hang out in St. Augustine lots of stuff to see. 

@Nathan Cedar Happy to meet for breakfast or coffee and give you my 2 cents. No problem. Happy to help. I would certainly get to the Beach, Atlantic Beach/Jax Beach, has some nice places there. Maybe spend some time in Amelia/Fernandina and see all the growth on the northside. Don't forget Baker County, yes, its growing too. 

All great suggestions, especially St. Augustine and Jax/Atlantic/Neptune beaches. 

Grab a beer at and take a stroll through the neighborhood. You'll get a great perspective of how Historic Springfield is transforming. 

Andres Rodriguez

A lot of people come for the beaches. Downtown has some sites as well. I've lived in Jacksonville for over 20 years & I've worked in property management & real estate for over 15 years & I'm a licensed real estate broker so if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me. 

Most of my investments were in the Riverside, San Marco and Mandarin areas. Stay away from the north side, 32208, 32209. 

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