Real Estate visit in Jacksonville

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I'm a real estate investor from Israel looking for my first property (sfh) in Jacksonville. I have been analyzing potential deals for a few months, and I've gotten a good grasp on the different areas where I want to invest.

I've decided that I'm ready to tour the city, so I've booked a flight and will be spending all of next week in Jacksonville. My plan is to see several properties, get to know neighborhoods and meet people that I can work with.

How do you suggest I spend my time in Jacksonville? What are some things I must see, people I should get in touch with, etc.?



@Nathan Cedar Happy to meet for breakfast or coffee and give you my 2 cents. No problem. Happy to help. I would certainly get to the Beach, Atlantic Beach/Jax Beach, has some nice places there. Maybe spend some time in Amelia/Fernandina and see all the growth on the northside. Don't forget Baker County, yes, its growing too. 

A lot of people come for the beaches. Downtown has some sites as well. I've lived in Jacksonville for over 20 years & I've worked in property management & real estate for over 15 years & I'm a licensed real estate broker so if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me.