I should replace replace vinyl flooring with....

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What do you guys recommend to put on top of a subfloor for an old house? The place I am remodeling had a very ugly vinyl flooring that

we are ripping off...luckily the subfloor below is in good shape , any suggestions?

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I vote vinyl planking just did a basement in it ,I like it because it can take dampness well looks nice !

@Sergio B.

+1 to what everyone said.

Unless you are planning on re-selling the home it only makes sense to stick with Vinyl.

Do you have pictures of the previous Vinyl you used so we can compare?

Hey Sergio! Glad to hear there are no problems with the sub-flooring. 

Before making a decision on flooring finishes in a house- I would run over a few things: What did you budget for flooring? What kind of flooring do the comps have? Do you have a reliable flooring contact?

I normally like hard wood floor finishes in flipped houses but that's just personal preference. I hope my input helped and good luck with your project!

Johnny great advice. Being a professional in the flooring industry, I do agree that you need to have a reliable flooring contact/company. Look at their Installers, are they insured? Are they Licensed? Do they do same day installations? This will usually tell you the company you are using is reliable.