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I'm looking to rehab a home in the Snellville area in the South Gwinnett High School district. I need contractors to do carpet, painting, and roofing. If you have any recommendations for trusted vendors please let me know. 

I'll send numbers in a PM.  The site won't let me post them since I'm not a pro member.

Flooring - Don Cooper 

Roofing - Adair Roofing in Loganville 

I use both of them on all my properties.  Just had a new roof put on one last week.  Adair was the cheapest out of four different companies, and they did a great job.

Don Cooper has put flooring in multiple properties for me.  He will go above and beyond for you, great guy to work with.  

I don't get anything for referring them, they're just that good. Good luck

Hi Folks, This is exactly why you need to be in a REIA. Local investors share their contractors.

I belong to in 30 min you'd have your contractor referals.

Anyone recommend a good exterior painter or siding?  I was considering putting vinyl on a 130k house.  I wasn't sure if hardiplank would pay back.  I have gotten some decent quotes on paint for 2-4k, vinyl siding 6-7k, and hardiplank for 11-12k.


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