Short-term rentals investment

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I am looking a very experience realtor in Oahu to invest in short-term rental units, ideally 2 bedrooms/2bath with lock unit or duplex. Please contact me if you can help. Thank you!

@Matt Smith That niche sounds interesting.  I'd like to know why you chose that approach opposed to long term buy and hold?

It is also buy and hold

Aloha Matt,

I am not concentrated to short-term vacation rental, but aware of what's happening to rules and regulations as a local real estate agent.

Before getting into property search with an expert, I would suggest a reading on Sunday afternoon.

This tells you recent development and possibly future road map for your successful operation.

I'm not a realtor but I could help guide you better than most realtors. 

@Matt Smith

Francisco - My folks live on horse property in Waimanalo.  I've been thinking about putting up a Yert  ( they can generate a revenue to supplement their fixed income. Any thoughts on what a nightly rate should be?

@Dj Larsen

My family came out to hawaii and stay at place in waimanalo with about the same size and paid $240 a night.  I would check out airbnb and see what your competition has their prices set to.  That will give you an idea, but waimanalo is beautiful and people want to be by the beach when visiting hawaii.  

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