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@Mary Stead remember there is a difference between what is legal as far as tenant's rights and preference in the screening process by a landlord. As long a landlord is not violating Fair Housing laws they can set any screening criteria i.e. income requirements, credit score, pets etc. - they just have to screen all potential tenants with the same criteria

Thank you, we have been tenants of this landlord for six years. He has a property manager who is lax and has not given us a contract in two years. Recently the AC went out and the property manager said it was "fried" and decided to replace it. As they were finding the replacement they decided to do a bundle package and add the furnace. This is for a small house in Round Lake. They installed the furnace and AC, but did not hook up the furnace. Today the property manager said the landlord wants to raise the rent $50 to offset the cost of the furnace and AC. He asked if I knew it has been two years since we had a contract. 

I did google the landlord and tenant laws for IL and found they could not raise the rent for 30 days which made me feel better.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Mary

It's not uncommon to go month to month after your lease has expired. I'm not familiar with Illinois housing law (came here hoping to learn) but having your rent increased by $50/m after having no rent increases for two years is pretty generous, especially when you are getting a brand new furnace and AC. If I were you and wanted to stay, I would insist on signing a new 1 year lease. 

I am not an attorney. Here is what I believe to be true. A month to month agreement is just that. Since you have not signed a lease in 2 years  the landlord only needs to give you a 30 day notice to raise the rent. He could raise it as much as he wants to 100, 200 etc, You have the option of giving 30 days notice to move out.

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