Beginner RE Investing in Chicago North and Northwest Suburbs

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Hello, I'm an Beginner Wholesaler with some Experience in the Memphis,TN Market, now living and working in Chicago's Northwest Suburbs and its surrounding areas.

Please, I would like to know what is the MUST KNOW INFOMATION regarding the Laws, Homes, Sellers, Buyers, and Anything Else I would NEED to know to keep my Practice running Smoothly and Efficently.

To make it more specific, What is a General Criteria Investors are looking for on average for Wholesale Deals?

What Legal Trouble would an Foriegn State Ignorant Investor encounter?  

What is Distinct About Sellers in these Areas, should anything be handled differently/specifically?

How can I FInd Buyers? Preferably High Net Worth

My Thanks to all Answerers!

Jermaine I sent you a message!

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