What Northwest Zipcodes are Chicago Investors Interested In

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Hey BP Family! Can anyone share with me the areas most investors like?

@Brian Ploszay  60624? I use to leave in 60622 and from there 60624 looked pretty getto...

I wonder if that area is getting any better? 

Crime map and google maps street views doesn't make me feel like it is improving.

Please let me know what makes investors interesting in it.

Thanks a lot!

60624 is getting better.  That just happens to be a zip code that I like.   60622 includes Ukrainian Village, a great area.

What do you have in 60624, rentals or flips?  Which particular area do you feel is getting better?  I've driven through there on occasion and  always wanted to get a look at that park but end up feeling a bit nervous.

A friend has a place in 60618 and we tried to look there but it's very pricey now.  What have you found there?

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