Finding Property Owner when its an LLC?

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When finding properties and it looks like the owner is an LLC or Trust. How do you locate an individual to contact? What are the tools? Thanks.

Hi @Vince S. Limited Liability Companies are registered with the state, so you can typically check on the website for the secretary of state where you're located.

For example, here in Georgia the LLC search page is

For trusts, it's a bit harder, since they don't have to register with the state. I'd start with the county clerk website to find out when the trust purchased the property, and then look at those transfer tax documents to see if an address is provided. You can also check the county tax commissioner to see where the annual property tax bills are being sent.


I check with the county courthouse. Many counties have a website where you can search properties by address. Usually there will be a mailing address for the LLC. For example, if someone were to search my properties they would see the name of my LLC and a mailing address, which happens to be my residence. I have initiated contact with several property owners this way. Good luck!

Thanks guys. All helpful info. Sorry for the delayed response sort of got into summer travels. Now back at it. Thanks again. 

I actually have a relating question. I'm finding that the address is leading to Post offices on Google Maps. It has a Unit number. Does this mean its a PO Box?

I'm having a similar issue. I can't find the owner of an LLC in Wyoming who owns property on San Diego. I have been able to find some information in the documents filed through the Secretary of State. I called the registered agent who is listed there and they said to write a letter to them with the LLC name

On it and they will send the message along. 

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