Broker fee for listing Multifamily RE in DFW

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We are ready to list the first small apartment (<2.5mil, DFW area) we own and do 1031, what is a reasonable brokerage fee? Is it similar to residential (6%)?

Thank you so much. 

We are just working to get a deal under contract that we are selling.  We called around to all of the local agents and offered them 2.5% if they could connect us with a buyer.  So we were doing more work than just listing it, but the agents we okay with what we offered.  Then we ended up finding a buyer on our fees :)

Thank y'all for the feedback! I will see if we can negotiate down to 4%. 

Brad, that was a great idea. I thought of selling our SF investment property SBO and only pay the buyer's agent 3% but my agent (the lady who helped us buy the property two year ago) said it's better to use seller's agent so it gets more exposure and competitive pricing...