Networking Kick-off - Indianapolis

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It is time to network and gain some local market knowledge. I moved to Fishers a little over 2.5 years ago from Fort Wayne, IN and I have been couped up in an office ever since and not out in the streets looking for neighborhoods, properties or people.

I need to make some contacts and build a team of professionals that can help me reach my goals. Existing multi-family with or without TLC is certainly a great place to start and maybe even some small shop retail space.

I am looking to reachout to lenders, real estate brokers/agents, contractors, title companies, attorneys, etc., in the Indy area. I have found the CIREIA on the Internet and plan to attend my first meeting in April, but any contacts I can make before that would be greatly appreciated.

I live in Fort Wayne. I have contacts here and in Indianapolis. My mother in law lives in Fishers and is a licensed agent. Let me know if I can help you in any way.

Hi there,

I invest in REO fix and flips in Washington in Indianapolis. I use a group called Investors Choice Indy

They do a great job for me as I am based out of state by about 4000 miles!!

If I can be of any help drop me a line or talk to the guys at ICI.

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