Indiana Referrals (property management & lender)

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Working with a partner to get property in Indianapolis and suburbs. 

We're looking for referrals for good property management (for small multi-family) and a good local lender (for residential).

I can help you out with both. Please PM me.

Indy is a great market.

I like using T&H Realty Inc for my property manager.  Very professional and responsive.  PM me if you need more details.  

How many units do you have? Using traditional 80% LTV mortgage approach? I have a few lenders I have used? Estimated ARV?

id also be interested in the good lenders/ PM in the area

Following. I'll be visiting Indy soon. If any of you would be so kind as to inbox me some Lenders you really like or high performing agents/brokers, I would really appreciate it. 

Also, from the Institute of Real Estate Management website:

Barrett and Stokely Management LLC, AMOIndianapolisINUSAAMO Headquarters
Buckingham Companies , AMOIndianapolisINUSAAMO Headquarters
Flaherty & Collins Properties , AMOIndianapolisINUSAAMO Headquarters
Flaherty & Collins Properties, AMOIndianapolisINUSAAMO Branch
Gene B. Glick Management Corp., AMOIndianapolisINUSAAMO Headquarters

We just used Michael Holl from FC Tucker. He was recommended by another BP user. 

We had a fabulous experience. 

I like BHB Group for my property management company in Indy.  A local company.  Solid, professional, with a good reputation in the community.

Somehow I missed a bunch of the responses. @Erik Perks We're doing three SFRs with cash, and looking to BRRRR and cash out with 80% LTV. Hoping to do a couple to several more properties if the numbers work (preference towards smaller / mortgage-eligible multifamily).

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