Gary In , East Chicago In

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I’ve lived in Northwest Indiana my whole life. Gary is and has a high rate of crime. Had the nickname: Murder Capital. Now this doesn’t stop investors. There is money to be made, but personally I’m not interested. Now East Chicago gets a bad rap but I have a duplex there, with out any problems. I know other investors dealing in East Chicago also. I personally don’t mind investing there. The city is investor friendly. With all that said, there is crime and gang activity, and there are better and worse areas there also. Hope I didn’t scare you, just being honest. Good luck.

Mary Jay,

I started flipping houses in  Gary, many years ago. To make a long story short, I wouldn't invest in Gary unless you're a "tough as nails" investor. There's money to be made there, but you better have one of the best property managers in the state working for you!  As Eric Meyer pointed out, East Chicago is a decent place to invest. I have investors that have bought quite a few multi units from me out there, and they're satisfied. However, it's like any other city. It does have a few undesirable blocks and you just need to stay away from those. If you'd like more information, feel free to PM me. Best of luck to you.