Need a contractor in Indianapolis to quote off architectural

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I am looking for a GC in Indianpolis. Looking to work on several projects.

Right now the most urgent is an 1800 sq-ft home that has been taken to the studs. Architectural is done, plans approved by the city. The place will finish as 3bd/2ba. Looking to have finishes like granite counters, hardwood floors, etc.

I have the plans and can forward them to the contractor. I just need a bid and a general idea of what it's going to cost. Anybody know of a contractor I can talk to? Thanks!

@Ruben Morgan

To the studs making it nice with all siding windows etc should be in the 150-200k range. If building a decent garage add 30k-40k. Those are fun and budget bending projects.

Good luck!

@Ruben Morgan ,

Doesn’t really matter it’s seems within reason. 1300-2000 or so. Kitchen is the same. 2.5 baths are the same. HVAC the same. Plumbing the same. Windows, siding, roof would be close the same. Etc. Those are where your money is spent. A little extra framing, drywall, flooring doesn’t move the needle. I’ve done several of these projects in Indianapolis and the always shake out about there. These are higher end jobs in referring to. Hardie siding, hardwood and tile, solid cabinets, nice window package. You could gut rental grade for probably 80ish. Maybe less if the joists were not totally termite eaten or foundation was OK (but they usually aren’t). Obviously, these are very general numbers, and me not doing any labor. But sometime people come here and see what materials cost at Lowe’s and think they can do a house for 40k and lose their shirt. My first couple were not great so the mistakes are common. But Indianapolis is a great market. Especially on the rental side.