Lenders in Indianapolis

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What kind of lender are you looking for? Hard Money or Conventional?

If you're looking for more conventional - Region's Bank in Indianapolis has a 100% Financing available right now in certain census tracts - be happy to send over the mortgage loan officer we have been working with there who has been helping us with clients in the investment industry.

Try Union Savings Bank.  They're a local lender that has pretty flexible financing options in the Indy metro area.  Michael Stevens is one of their loan officers if you're looking for a specific contact.

@Alora conventional, although it also depends on the deal to be honest

@Jeb you are correct, in the process of putting a core team together

@Jason thanks so much!!!

I'm really grateful for everyone being so helpful

@Tiffany Smith I can also suggest a banker or 2 that specialize in investment properties, a hard money lender if you need one, a PM, agent and wholesaler. I just don't recommend anyone publicly anymore because my opinions of people change and stuff I put on here is mostly permanent. DM me, if you want to chat that's fine and I can send you some contacts.