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Why Do You Invest in Indiana? Why? (Testimonial Request!)
BiggerPockets! I'm working on building a landing page for Indiana and the city of Indianapolis. Would anyone be willing to share why you choose to invest in the state and/or city? What makes your state so wonderful for... View more
Kokomo Indiana Property Management?
Has anyone had experience with CRM Properties based  in Kokomo IN?  I am thinking about using them for property management and would like to know if anyone has had them manage their rental homes?  How did it work out... View more
REI Business entity structure in Indiana
Hey BP, I'm looking for some advice and opinions on structuring a REI business in Indiana.Are you doing all of your deals in a business name or your personal name? Is a Series LLC the best way to structure a buy and... View more
Iowa Street in Lake Station, IN 46405
Is anyone familiar with Iowa Street and the surrounding neighborhood in Lake Station, IN (Indiana) 46405?  Considering an out-of-state turnkey purchase there.  Trying to get a handle on the neighborhood w someone... View more
Licensed, but not to be a Realtor
Happy New Year, Bigger Pockets family! I hold an Indiana Real Estate Broker license which is currently in referral status. The license was active for a couple years but I had prematurely obtained it. The purpose of... View more
Licensed Mobile Home Installers/Movers in Indiana?
Can anyone recommend any vendors they know who do mobile home installation and moving within the state of Indiana?  I am researching the possibility of buying a private lot (not in a  mobile home park)  which... View more
Looking for Indiana lender
Hi all, I hope everyone has had a great holiday season! I have currently 3 properties in Indiana. I have used a Nationwide lender over the last 3-4 years, but now looking for someone local to Indiana. Primarily a... View more
Can I get a loan for investment properties in Indianapolis
Hi, I am an out of state investor and have interests in multi family units in Indianapolis area. Can I get a loan to buy investment properties or I have to use cash?  Thanks
Jeffersonville IN
Bought my first purchase in the Downtown Jeffersonville Area and I'm looking to network with other investors, contractors, etc. If you are near give me a shout. :) 
New to real estate investing
Hi!!! My name is Jason out of Anderson, IN. My wife and I are new to real estate investing...we are planning to purchase our 1st home via the tax sale in April. We both have full time jobs and are looking to buy and... View more
Online Real Estate License Recommendations
I am going to get my Real Estate license online. I tried Aceable but they don't do licensing for Indiana yet. There are dozens of online sites to get the license from so I don't want to waste my time on a program... View more
Indianapolis Cash-Out Refinance lenders
Hello, I'm in Indianapolis and have a couple properties that I'm trying to cash-out refinace(starting with 1 at a time).  I have spoken to 5 different lenders already, and it would be a 90 day waiting period since... View more
Indianapolis - Looking for Real Estate Agent/PM recommendations
Hi! I'm a Norwegian that are looking for a real estate agent and property manager in Indianapolis. I live in Norway and are not going to Indianapolis very often so I'm dependent on the team I'm building. Does anyone... View more
Networking in Muncie Indiana
My business partner and I are interested in networking with some Agents and Lenders in Muncie IN. Hoping to buy a few deals there over the winter and would like to see who works with investors and who has the same... View more
Property Manager recommendations in Gary Indiana?
\I just bought my first house (put my earnest money deposit down yesterday!) in Gary Indiana. Does anyone have a good Property Manager in that area?  If so I'd really appreciate a recommendation!Thanks,-Zach
Indianapolis other sub markets
Hi all, Been cold calling apartment owners in the following additional submarkets: Terre Haute (Virgo county) Bloomington (Monroe county) Greenwood (Johnson county) Franklin (Johnson county) Columbus (Bartholomew... View more
rough parts of Terre Haute.
Local PMs and investors have been telling me the West Side of Terre Haute gets rough. My question is at what street going west does Terre Haute start to get bad? 6th street?
Based on my experience is better to have a local property manager.I learned that if a PM is good at a market it is because they put their focus in a market.  They are very familiar with that market. They know every... View more
Terre Haute Indiana -Real Estate Investment Groups?
Hello All,     Still getting caught up in reading and learning about Real Estate Investment. However, I wanted to start meeting and networking with the local Real Estate Investment community. Doing a quick google... View more
Indiana Sales Contract Template
Is there someone on here willing to share with me a blank PDF of an Indiana Realtors approved sales contract and seller disclosure? I would very much appreciate it. Thank you!

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