Recommendation for an REI knowledgeable realtor in Wichita KS?

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I am currently at KU Law and will be moving to Lindsborg in the summer of 2016. I am working at a firm in Salina this summer.

I am looking for properties from Salina to Wichita. I am interested in properties from 2-20 units, ideally 5-20 units. 

The pickings are slim in Salina, Lindsborg, McPherson, and Newton so I am looking into Wichita more.  The issue is I do not know the city or the neighborhoods.  I can analyze the numbers but otherwise have a hard time assessing the location of properties due to my lack of area knowledge.

Thanks, John

@John Mattox

I've dealt with Royce Jantz (he's from your area -- Hesston I believe) however works the Wichita area, mainly on the commercial side.  Has advised me he has connections in Oklahoma for multi family as well.   I was working with him a couple years ago as I almost bought a floor in the Orpheum and Broadway Plaza buildings downtown -- never did pull the trigger.  He's a very nice guy, knowledgeable and been in the business for a while.

Kristing Stang with JP Weigand -- she's from the area and is on the commercial side - she's wanting to focus on Multi Family/Residential investments

Might give you a starting point.