baton rouge rental property

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where is the best location to be looking for a rental property in baton rouge.

What kind of rental property are you looking for?  There are lots of multifamily opportunities south of LSU, though college students may not be the easiest tenants to deal with.  I'd also worry about all the new, enormous apartment complexes being built down there.  They might cause a surplus of student housing which would make the older units much more difficult to rent.  Single family homes are everywhere, of course, but I'd recommend looking in neighborhoods that you already know.  My part of the city (Midcity) can turn from "Better Homes & Gardens" to ghetto in the space of a couple of blocks.  An investor who's not familiar with the area could easily get a great deal on an unrentable house.

@Matthew Mason  I'm sure it's not the answer you're looking for, but @Will Uter  

is on the money - it depends?  I've been scouring the BR market for a long time and I bet it rivals any place with having drastic property value changes from one block to the next.  I've burned lots of gas between Lafayette and Baton Rouge getting to know where I want to buy and where I don't. 

I can tell you that I found the murder statistics from last year and I decided to stay out of the two zip codes with the highest murder rates for last year.  There were 54 murders in BR last year.  22 in 70805 and 11 in 70802, that's 61% of all the murders in those two zip codes out of 15 zip codes.  I'm sure there might be a block or two in there that's not so bad, but I use crime rates to help me reduce the number of properties I take the time to analyze to consider investing.

@Will Uter   I am mainly looking for single family homes right now. I was looking around LSU but if i do buy down there, I might as well buy a couple condo units and rent them out. The only problem is partying college students that might run the unit down and make it expensive to redo the damaged unit. Thanks for the advice.

My Old neighborhood Concord Estates  Also the sourounding Neighbors up  a bit off  Perkins Road.  Lee Dr Also has many outstanding neighbors.  Do not go to neighborshood near College and interstate.    All Neighborhood  off Airline Between Interstate and Florida Drive are pretty good.   My siblings own a ton of rentals in BR.



Thanks for the advice. Perkins is the main area I'm looking around and bluebonnet extension also. 

@GL L.

I'm new to BP and stumbled onto the forum thread with a BR keyword search. I own a home in Springlake off Bluebonnet for just over a year now and can tell you it is a nice neighborhood with active young families. It seems like the better the LSU Tigers do in sports the more the area grows, haha! As mentioned in previous posts, I think the condo developments near Lee and other areas south of LSU will have a big impact on single family, duplex/tri/quads around the area, so be careful. If you are open to other locations...Livingston, Ascension and St. Tammany parishes are all exploding in population. To me, that's a good indication of healthy rental business. Cheers!

@Ean Savoy Thanks for the input. Thats what i am also worried, i think the area is becoming over saturated with condos and apartment. I have been looking in prairieville. The university is growing like crazy though

Hey tiger fans. Molly Mayeux here born and raised in red stick. Although I live in the NYC right now I'll be investing in my hometown soon. Looking to put team together soon if any of you have references for investor realtors and or GCs. I've been scouring zip codes and think 70808 or 70810. Seems like some opportunities there plus crime not bad. I grew up in 70808. Thanks!


I think  Baton Rouge is the best location for housing and it is located near the mighty  Mississippi River.This is an active place where you can enjoy shopping, dining, and entertainment.

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