Property Management Recommendations for Montgomery County?

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I am looking for property manager recommendations (for SFH, TH, Condo) in the Montgomery County, MD area. I would be very appreciative if anyone can share (positive or negative) experiences either publicly or via private message.

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Most of the property management companies I run into are generally pretty bad. @Marc M. works for an HOA property management company...he may have a better idea than I would on a good one.

Long & Foster, the brokerage I work for has a property management division...I think they are ok, but the fees I think are on the high side.


Thanks for the reply.  I am currently working with a manager who was fine for an upscale property but appears to be deficient with those at the lower end of the spectrum. 

I would be very appreciative if Marc or anyone else is able to provide information on a manager who services Germantown, Gaithersburg, Rockville, or Silver Spring.  

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Will keep that in mind.  Overall I was happier when performing my own management.  Hope to be able to find someone who I can trust while maintaining reasonable performance.


@Drew B.  Pm me for some more information on property management company advice in Moco. 

I work for one that's been around for 35 years and it's run completely different then he "others" in town who don't care about turnover. 

....Russell's comment haha