New to the Maryland Market Please Make recommendations

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Hello Maryland!

We are new investors to the area. Could you please recommend some good, and reliable contractors, knowledgeable Real estate agents, brokers, accountants, and lawyers?

All suggestions will be considered.

Best Regards

Hey! @Russell Brazil Thanks for the mention.

@Kristen Ray , Russell is be the best investor friendly realtor you will find. For a REI friendly CPA, you should connect with @Brandon Hall .

What you are looking for in terms of lawyer? I can connect you with a great full service law firm with a dedicated realty practice. They can negotiate deals for you and handle the closing.

@Russell Brazil @Upen Patel thank you for your feedback.

Currently we are in the paperwork processing phase of forming our REI business. We are lookin for agents, accountants, and a law firm. As of now we are interviewing and forming our dream team. To answer your question of what we need in a lawyer, at this time we need a consultation to better determine which services we may need. Once we have that data we can make a more concise decision.

@Nicole B. is an investor friendly agent in Baltimore! She would be a great contact and she is active on BP as well :) 

@Kristen Ray for accounting I recommend Jeff Stoller of Goodwich Stoller and Associates. He know real estate and business taxation very well  and gives great service.  Google will pull them right up. 

Lawyers in part depends on what you want to do.I work with many different attorneys. 

  • Anthony Onwuanibe/Golden Trust title does a lot of types of real estate work
  • Anyone at Cohen and Foreman can handle just abut anything to do with real estate.
  • Jeffrey Tapper in Owings Mills for landlord tenant issues and collections.
  • Jeffrey Charlow - Masters title and Escrow in Towson very good general purpose RE attorney.

@Ned Carey thank you for the recommendations! I appreciate the response and will contact Cohen after the holidays.  

Best Regards 

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