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Dear RE investor fellow,

Have you used ( to place tenant)? How do you like the service? I was offered by an agent for the following service. Please private message me if it's OK.


Service Referral Option advertise your property in all of the media sources available. When we have an interested renter, I will lightly screen the renter to be sure they are a good fit. Then, we will call you to book an appointment for you to show the renter your place, after the showing I will follow up with the client to get any feed back or see if they would like to move forward with the unit. If it's our renter submits an application and is accepted we would get paid once the lease is signed and money is paid. With this option I ask for a HALF MONTHS RENT as my fee.

Full Rental Service Option, this option is were I handle EVERYTHING! I would aggressively market and advertise your property, do all the showings, collect deposits, perform credit checks and background checks, coordinate lease signing, and hand over the final package to you for final approval. The fee for this service is ONE MONTHS RENT. .

Both services are completely Non-Exclusive, so if you found a renter before we did, you wouldn't owe us a penny. 



Hi Ken, First, I have never used so I cannot yay or nay its service.   Most real estate agents will list a rental property and you would negotiate payment and services performed, e.g., credit and background checks, open houses or showing, etc.  JoinReal may offer something exemplary just wanted to point out other options.  Best, Teresa

I wouldn't depend on others to place an individual in my rental unit until such time that I interviewed them, And if I like them, and I have had an opportunity to investigate where they presently live and if they're able to pay the rent that I have the property up for. I believe hands on personally it's going to be the best way to have a successful rental tenant.

If this is your rental unit, I wouldn't depend on others to select someone to live there. I would need to have hands on.

first thanks @Charles Parrish  and @Teresa F. for the reply :) Because i am not agent, although I have posted ad to zillow/craglist/trulia/facebook...etc as many website as i can. I found I am still limited to get the access to larger resources such as MLS listing..., second the tenant agent seems not interested in owner listing property than the property listed by agent because of commissioning fee. I am not sure if it's true. In my ad, I already post that I am willing to pay agent commissioning but I still didn't get any agent inquire. I guess some agents probably only base on MLS lead. @Charles Parrish, yes I will definitely interview tenant myself, and do the home work. So my personal preference is the 1st service just to  expose my unit in large network... any advice would be appreciated ! 

We are glad to help and answer your questions ---

@Ken Wang I got my worst tenant with a tenant placement service.  Be prepared to verify any  information submitted and don't feel obligated to accept whoever they present.  You will be stuck with a problem and they will collect a fee.

Thanks you @Shadonna N. yes, I have my own pre screen question. The good thing is that for this service , if I find my own tenant I don’t pay him. He only connects applicant to me. I do all the showing and application so make sure I don’t get bad one. I do agree that these agents have tendency to send whoever they can find to me .. need to be careful.

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