Condo conversion in Somerville MA

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I am going to start my project soon and I'm looking for people that have experience doing condo-conversion in Somervile. I got a unit under a contract and we are going to close soon and I'm not sure if to try to go on 2-3 units. The house is close to Davis square. If you have any recommendation for Architect, contractor, Engineer that will be great.



Happy to recommend an architect. Four units might trigger the need to add sprinklers, but you should be okay with 2 or 3. 

I assume you're familiar with the Somerville regulations / ordinance around condo conversions. 

Hi @Dan K. Curious as to what the Condo Ordinance/Regs are for Somerville, would you mind summarizing? And does it apply only to New Construction condo/townhouses or also to existing 2/3/4 unit multi family homes to be converted?

Hi @Dan K, 

As far as I know you must add sprinkles in Somerville for any 3 multi family and more. I am going to PM regrading the architect. Thanks