Property Management in Grand Rapids MI

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Hi GR biggerpockets,

Looking to hear about good reliable property management companies in the Grand Rapids area.  Please share any positive or negative stories you have on this.  Thanks!

Hello @Bryan

I have recently started investing in the Grand Rapids market.  I screened multiple companies and narrowed my results down to two, Shift Property Management and Simple Home Property Management. 

They are smaller companies, maybe better for someone just starting out. Both have a very similar model, which you can review on their respective websites.  Both are very good with communication.  I ultimately made my decision based on being able to meet with one of them during a prospecting trip to GR.  One was not able to meet that weekend, so it made my choice easier.



Hey @Bryan Sandera

Myself and a couple other investors I know work with Lifecycle Property Managment. I've been very happy with their services, and they keep my properties in great shape. Let me know if you have any questions. I'm happy to chat about my experience.

@Bryan Sandera I would love to discuss property management with you.  Based on the suggestions above I think you will find we offer superior services to the other companies mentioned.  Although I am somewhat bias, I would love to be apart of your research.  Check out United Properties of West Michigan. =)

What's the average cost or % of property manager here in GR?

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