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Does anyone here attend the mpls REIA monthly meetings? Deciding if it would be worth starting to attend?

I would suggest them. I've been to a couple - I'm not even from the area - and I think its worth it to get your name out there and network. That's one of the biggest things in this business. It becomes a very small world very quickly. 

Yes, I believe you can go to the first one or two meetings for free. Also, like Steve said the networking is a great thing to do. Their are meet ups around the area as well, just Google them or ask around. 

If you have questions or want more information about investing make sure you take advantage of BP, tons of free stuff right here.

No question you should attend them. Especially the small sub group networking events, you will rub shoulders with people who can help your business grow. You can save a lot of time and headache if you utilizing the resource. 

I've been to the MnREIA meetings.  I went for a while, and then quit.

It was largely centered around having gurus come in, speak, try to pump you up, then possibly take their bootcamp.

There was good information, but none of the speakers ever discussed an important aspect of real estate investing.  "Cash flow".

In the 10-12 meetings I went to, the gurus never took time to give any rules of thumb on that which I found "funny".

I was wondering the same thing.   Has anyone heard of any BP focued groups in the Twin Cities... focusing on more on learning/sharing vs. hype?  If not, would folks be interested in something like this?

There are a few other networking meetings - @Sean Blomquist hosts a meeting that never has a sales pitch or "hype" just local investors discussing what is working right now - and there is beer! Connect with him for details.

You definitely should attend the local meetings.  You will get information about what is going on in this market right now.  Please contact me directly and I can point you in the right direction to find meetings and classes for FREE.  Especially the "cash flow" that @Dan D. mentioned.

I've been to one of the meetings with @Sean Blomquist and it had some really good info. Great place to network and make connections as well! 

Glenn Williams also hosts TwinREIA. I haven't been to any of the meetings yet but Glenn is a seasoned pro and I was referred to check out TwinREIA because they're not hyped up meetings either. Check out REIA groups in MN on Meetup.com.

The MNREIA meetings are good, full of info, great for networking, but they do try to sell you something almost every time. Some of it is really beneficial though if you have the extra cash. My favorite part is the "Have's and Wants" at the beginning of the meeting. They pass the mic around and if you have a property for sale, or money to burn, etc., or want something that someone else might have (say a 3/2 single family home as an investment property) then you can mention that and give out your contact info, and it's a great way to do deals with other investors, wholesalers, rehabbers, etc. 

Ok, so I am posting in a couple Minneapolis/St. Paul forums to get the word out. But last time we did a BP meetup it was in August and we had about 14-15 people come. It was a great time. It's about that time again and I put together a meeting on meetup for us to meet again. I reserved a back room section at French Meadow Bakery and Cafe in Minneapolis for October 27th at 6:30 pm. All the info is also able to be viewed at this link:


Feel free to join the meetup to confirm.


@Daniel Okon Thanks for taking the time to set this up. Unfortunately I will be out of town, however I will make sure to attend the next meeting!

Cheers, Sawyer 

@Daniel Okon thanks for setting this up. I am new to REI and bigger pockets and very much looking forward to attending.

@Daniel Okon

Hi Daniel,  Thanks for setting up, I'm coming for the first time.  Do you have a presentation planned or is more of sharing what people are doing to the group with questions?


@Bruce Runn it will be great to meet you! This networking meeting will be structured a bit more loosely, although we will have time for everyone to share their wants/needs so people can be efficient in connecting with each other. Working on having a realtor share the state of the market right now in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area, which will be helpful for everyone, especially anyone just getting into REI. I am fairly new to all this but it made sense to put all this together. I enjoy smaller networking meetings, versus ones that are attended by 100+ people. I think it is easier to connect with people this way. Looking forward to meeting you.


Hey everyone,

I'm just seeing this tread for the first time. Are these meeting still a regular occurrence? Would love to attend. @Daniel Okon any info you can share on the next meet up?

Also just seeing this thread for the first time and would love to attend, @Daniel Okon

@Oscar Brooks

I can send you the link to our Meetup group if you shoot me an email directly.

We have a monthly meetup group that is all about education and networking.  No sales pitches or guru's, just usable content about our local market, and networking.


I've been to Sean's meetup once, and it is exactly what he said.  Good networking, state your deals or needs, and had a presenter with good info.


Try MREE - Minnesota Real Estate Exchangers. Their info is at 1031mree.com. They meet twice per month on the first and third wed. It is a great group and they never are there to sell you anything. Most people in the group are the real deal.

MNRea has a guest pass for their monthly meetings. I am going there for the first time. I will see how it goes.

@Sean Blomquist Hi I attended your meetup yesterday about no money down rental properties and really enjoyed it. I learnt lots of great info.

@Sean Blomquist Hi..I was wondering if you or anyone else in the group who attends the meetup makes a recording and would be willing to share. Would really like to listen to discussions and topics covered during the "Rental with no Money Down" meetup. Thanks

@Prashant Maniktala we don't record those classes, but we do teach that class every couple of months, so keep an eye out for it on our meetup page.  You can also go to our YouTube channel, as we sometimes record our webinars.

@Sean Blomquist Thanks for the info...Will keep an eye out and hoping to attend my first meetup someone soon. 

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