St. Cloud Investors/ Real esatate professionals!

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Hi MN investors!

It seems that there are not very many active BP members in the Saint Cloud, Minnesota area. I am looking to meet some of the investors in the St. Cloud area. I know there are investors here but I haven't had much luck meeting up with anyone. 

There Is definitely a large group of BP members in the twin cities area but I haven't had much luck making it to any of the meet-ups yet. If anybody has connections with investors in St. Cloud I would love for you to forward them my contact information. I mainly just want to meet other like minded people in my town.

Thank you all! and I hope to sometime meet you at future MN meet-ups!

p.s. I tried putting as many relevant key words as I could in hopes to reach the vast majority of Minnesota BP members. Minneapolis St. paul :)

Hey @Kyle Soderman ,

  I believe you had messaged me a while back about getting together. Sorry for the lack of response! I would definitely be up for meeting up sometime in the near future. I have a few single family homes up in St Cloud so I make it up there once a month or so to check in so we should be able to meet up. Or if you are ever in elk river let me know. 

Kyle, to the point, what is it you would like to connect up on? 

I am active in a few markets, as well as well connected into the St Cloud and surrounding market, with that I can share that here in the St Cloud market we are very... protective and private, mostly out of exhaustion and frustrations of being badgered by 101 non-active tire kicking wanna-b's who ask a million questions, have little to no respect of our time, and do little to nothing. 

Everyone I know here is all about the new guy, everyone is happy to lend some advise and most definitely do business so please don't take it like there is no "in", but its got to be of mutual benefit, make sense.

I actively invest, wholesale, flip and consult throughout the region and state and Central MN is my home market, that said anyone LEGIT about business and or mutual benefit and interest feel free to message me with market area, interest and benefit and I will contact back and we will set up those meetings.


I am also going to St. Cloud State and majoring in Real Estate with an investment emphasis.

Contact me sometime if you want to get together and talk Real Estate.

Have a good one,

Hey Kyle, my name is Ken I have been investing in Saint Cloud for 2 years now and I am ready to branch out as I am acquiring more an more properties, plans are always changing, I was looking at purchasing 4 single-families or Duplexes, but now I am looking at scrapping that idea and going for the plunge of an apartment building, I was wondering If anyone knows anyone who would be a good source for off-market deals for apartment buildings in the Saint Cloud area? Brokers, Wholesalers, Attorneys.... etc. any contacts?

Awesome seeing you on here @Kyle Soderman !

I know this old post is bumped up, but let me know if you ever get a meetup or have a meetup going up there. Definitely would advocate for it!

Hey guys,

I'm just getting into real estate and looking into making a first deal of my own. I am looking at a potential seller financing deal now, but have also listened to many BP podcasts who suggest doing a house hack with SF or MF homes. I was wondering if anyone has advice on obtaining properties or what to look for, or if anyone is currently looking at properties and wouldn't mind if I tag along and pick your brain along the way. Feel free to reach out to me via my profile or simply replying to this post. I appreciate any guidance or suggestions you may have, thanks!