435 Ruth St, St Paul, MN - REHAB

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This was a really rewarding project. Sycamore Property Solutions purchased it from a homeowner that was facing foreclosure. She was very stressed out about her situation which included divorcing a husband with mental health issues. We were able to give her a bit more than what she owed. After we finished the rehab, we had her back over and she absolutely loved the transformation. She and her husband are in a better place both financially and in their relationship. The house had some significant plumbing issues that needed to be addressed as well as some electrical updates. Those (along with cosmetic updates) created a super cute and cozy home at a very reasonable price point of less than $180k. The home is currently on the market. Bonus : we were able to split the lot and still leave a very large back yard. We are selling the empty lot for $27,500. It was a blast to be able to have such a positive impact on the homeowner and we look forward to having the same positive impact for the new homeowner that buys this charmer!

Check out the Before/After photos here : 435 Ruth St N, St Paul, MN

Glad you could help them out.  Hope all ends up good from the investment side of things.  This is a good example of how paint and finishes can add good value to a property without a major renovation.

Drain venting is definitely an issue in older houses.  Something we ignored in the past but something we always check going forward.

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