New Real Estate Investor in Duluth

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Hello fellow real estate investors. My name is Laura Hart and my partner and I have been investing for a little over a year in the twin ports area. As we are fairly new to the real estate world we are still focusing on building our network and getting in touch with like-minded individuals. We look forward to connecting with you!

Thank you! The first year has been full of learning! We are a couple properties in and have the foundation of a great support team started. Any advice or recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

Welcome Laura! My wife and I live in the Twin Cities but we have a couple of properties in Duluth and are working on number 3. Happy to give you any insight based on our experiences so far!

Welcome @Laura Hart .  I can attest to @Matt Jennissen 's experience in Duluth, he has a couple nice properties and it doing well.  

I personally have been looking at the area as my wife LOVES park point.  Her dream is to live on the sandy side.  Heading up there for a quick vacation and trekking over to Madeline Island in the next couple weeks.

Thanks @John Woodrich ! You know, there is actually a place for sale on Park Point, a single family house with a guest house on the property too. Maybe you two should check that out while you're up there! 

@Matt Jennissen I am aware of that house, it has been for sale a couple times.  If that house backed up to the beach I would probably already own it.  it is right across the street from the beach but it looks like that owner was trying what I would want to do with it and is selling soon which raises some flags.  I would get it at the price they purchased it for...

The biggest thing that has held me back from these things as it would end up slowing down my RE activities as it would consume some cash.  Headding up to Madeline Island next week, that is another spot I have been looking at.