Finanacial planner in Twin Cities Minnesota

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I am looking for recommendations of a financial planner in the twin cities of Minnesota that is familiar with real estate investing, as well as other investment types (stocks, bonds, IRA, ETC.)

I want to continue investing in real estate, but every broker I have interviewed on the phone tells me to stay away from real estate.  I am guessing they won't earn commissions since I won't be investing as much into the stocks they recommend.

If you have any suggestions, please let me know.


Thanks @John Woodrich

@Brian R. As John mentioned, I am in the middle of starting a financial planning firm that specializes in working with real estate investors. I am fee-only, (never get commissions for selling you anything) fiduciary, (legally obligated to put interests of clients first) and a Certified Financial Planner. Send me a DM and we can set up a phone call to discuss what you are looking for and if I would be able to help.

@Brian R. you are correct. Financial planners are not getting commissions on Real Estate and the funds you invest in REI subtract from the amount they can potentially earn from selling you financial instruments. I'm late to the party, but @Scott Jensen is your guy.  He has designed a business around real estate investors.

@Brian R. If you are looking for a company that also does stocks and bonds in addition to supporting real estate contact Creative Planning. My long time friend helps run the MN location. They can help do estate planning, life insurance, etc. all in house saving tons of money. They support RE investing as that is where the majority of my investments are and they have helped plan on where I am at now and what else I need and that includes RE goals. I can send you my friends direct contact if you want to reach out. 

@Brian R. If they are telling you to stay away from real estate then they don’t have much integrity.

Ask any of our investors from the small time to 30M we tell them the same thing, “don’t put all of your money in to real estate”. Often new clients are really excited about investing. We would never put our clients financial future at risk for another sale.

We gave up a 200k commission a couple of years ago and we sleep fine knowing we recommended the client pass on the property. We can get more clients but getting integrity back is tough if you lose it.

My opinion is that you need to put your investment money into a wide variety of investments, real estate, stocks, bonds, etc.  I wouldn't do business with anyone that says you shouldn't invest in a particular item because they won't make money off of it. I want someone who is going to look out for the client, not just themselves.  While I understand they need to make money, and I support that, that tells me they are just looking out for themselves.

I talked to @Scott Jensen yesterday, and from our conversation I would say that is the direction I will be going.  After the first of the year we will be sitting down and coming up with a plan going forward.

Thank you to everyone that recommended him.

Thanks for the help everyone!! I just had posted on LinkedIn asking this question last week and got no good response.