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Off market from my agent and on the MLS. If you're serious, find a good investor friendly agent that can help source deals, or at least let you know what they think is good, decent, or bad when touring on market properties.

Watch some BP webinars that Brandon hosts where he goes through deals, read books, listen to podcasts. The resources are all out there to help you succeed but finding deals in today's market is not easy so you need to put in EFFORT to make deals good too.

@Hunter Heimer I’m not currently living in MN, however I am under contract for purchasing portfolio of 7 properties there by August 1st in the Minneapolis/St Paul area. I’m impressed with the number of corporations and high paying jobs they produce and the hot markets. Anyone specializing in MN buying or selling, please keep me in mind for any large ranches over 5,000 sq ft. I do boutique senior living and looking to expand our existing footprint there. Please keep me in mind. Good luck Hunter! 

@Hunter Heimer our clients find deals everywhere, but everyone brings something to the table. We of course have pocket listings within our client base also.

By bringing something to the table you need to look at what your specialty is, some of our clients make cash offers, some are not adverse to risk when it comes to contingencies, some have lots of extra dollars for rehab and they have us remove tenants, rehab and put new tenants in at higher rents. There is no one way of doing things that fits every investor, with multiple bids on most properties you need to figure out your niche to make you competitive. Having a niche doesn’t guarantee you will win every bidding war, but it at least makes you competitive.