Networking in the Belleville IL and St. Louis area

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Good afternoon! I am a real estate investor out of Belleville, IL and I am looking to build my buyers list. I would love to connect with other investors in the area. I am focusing on wholesales now, but I am not opposed to other ventures like flips and would like to find others who are looking to work together if I happen to find a good deal and don't have a buyer or the other way around! 

Hello @Lindsey Junge Welcome to BP. How long have you been investing? I used to live in O'Fallon,  IL but now I'm on the other side of the river in Wentzville Missouri.  I primary like buy and holds but I have done a couple of flips. Good luck with everything!  

Hi Lindsey,

I'm an investor in Collinsville.  I'm in my first year investing, having lots of fun and learning lots.  I'm doing wholesaling, fix n flips, and buy n hold.  If you like check out my company, Possibilities In Properties here and here on FB  

Best of luck to you!


Hi Lindsey,

Welcome to BP!! This is seriously the best site for real estate investing. I'm currently wholesaling in Belleville. It's awesome when I meet others doing business in my market. Feel free to reach out anytime. Good luck in your business!!

Welcome to BP @Lindsey Junge .  I also live in Belleville, but have been focusing my investing in S. STL.  However, like most, I'm always looking for a good deal :).  Happy hunting!

Thanks guys! I would love to give you some more more info re what I am looking for and find out what types of properties and price points you are all looking for that way we might be able to work together in the future. My email is: [email protected] and phone number is: 73buyer1st (732-893-7178). I am a new partner with my father who is a veteran in the game. Here is a background on our company, O.P.M Invested Inc:

After graduating from high school in 1977, founder and CEO Gary Aye went to work for a local real estate investor and began to learn the trade. In 1980, he moved to Houston, TX and became a member of the Carpenter Local 203 earning his Journeymen’s card. From there, he went on to work on commercial real estate development. In 1982 Gary started his own company, GA Enterprises. The company operated in Houston, TX until 1986 when Gary decided to return to IL and his family roots. That same year Gary purchased his first rehab home in Belleville, IL. This house was the beginning of the real estate investing journey. O.P.M. Invested was incorporated in 1993 and the company has generated nearly 100 properties to date. After a brief retirement, Gary decided he wanted to get back into the real estate game and in 2015 he brought on his daughter, Lindsey Junge, as a partner and marketing manager, heading the marketing and expansion of the business. The company is currently focused on growth, giving back to the community, and building lasting relationships with sellers, buyers, lenders, and other investors

We are interested in REOs, wholesales, foreclosures, probates, fixer uppers, rentals and anything that could fall in-between. We don’t mind if the house needs a lot of work, in fact, we prefer them that way. We are ideally looking for properties that are at or below 65% market value and prefer to buy cash. We are also open to all property types: single family homes, duplexes, apartments, really as long as it’s a good deal its worth consideration. We know there is plenty of property to go around and understand the importance of building relationships with other local investors.

We look forward to hearing from you all and hopefully working together in the future!

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