Looking for property manager/real estate broker in Kansas City

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Hi BP...I live in Ca but am looking to invest out of state. I have 11 units (single and multi fam) and I am looking to get another in the next few months possibly in the Kansas City market. I would love to connect with a property manager there that also has a real estate brokerage under one roof. If anyone has a reference that would be great!

Thank you

I've had experience with several management companies in town.  Of them all, I found North Terrace to be the  most competent and  honest.  Best of luck to you.


My wife and I currently use a company called “KC home rental” the owners names are Dan and Kay wissing. They are fantastic people to work with. The manage over 900 properties in the Kansas City area and they themselves own around 30 properties. If you want their number PM me and I will send it to you.

Good luck!

I've heard relatively good things about Voepel Property Management, although I've never used them so I can't vouch for them. But they would be at least worth talking to.

Are you going to be looking for Turn-Key or are you looking to purchase then rehab a property here in KC. Either way there are providers who do both that have in house management and that is what I would recommend. 

Chase, did you find a good team to work with?

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