Property Management suggestions in Springfield, Missouri

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Hi, we are looking to find a good property management company in the Springfield, MO area. We have an ambitious goal set to purchase 30 doors in 3 years using the BRRR method in tandem with local whole sale companies. We would like any feed back on good experiences with local property management companies to begin our journey with. Any experience and feedback would be great! Thanks

Side note we can use google and read reviews on local property management companies, but some times hearing others personal experiences and recommendations are better.

@James Bartley I use JNM Realty Group (Jerri Mitchell) and have been a fan so far! they charge 7% without a lot of hidden fees. Shoot me a message if you want their contact information.

Thank you, I just joined our local REI yesterday, and will start attending all the off shoot meetings i can. My solar company offers a solar 101 class that i speak at on the same night that the REI's main monthly meeting happens to be on every month.

@Andrew Newlon hey Andrew. Thanks for the post about FHS. They seem pretty big in the Springfield area. They do a great job branding online with their vehicles in several pictures.

Is it possible they are too big? I’m concerned if I use them to manage properties that it may be hard to be much of a priority for filling a vacancy.

I’d like to hear more about hat you think of them though. Feel free to message me with your personal review and thoughts about them, including pros, cons, and recommendations for working with them.


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