Zillow Rent Online tenant management

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Funny, I had the same question, thanks for posting! I used Zillow to list my property as available for rent but haven’t tried their background check or application services yet. My listings did get a lot of traffic so I was pleasantly surprised in that regard. 

Likewise, I have a rental property in Piedmont. I would like to sell it but will rent if I get action on it first. This is the first time seeing their management tools. 

I've used Zillow to list for years and have been pleased. I just had a vacancy and saw that they implemented this. I chose not to use it because it seemed to be just a background check and doesn't verify employment, income or prior landlords. I wouldn't mind accessing the information if a prospective tenant has already paid for one but I would hate to have a prospect pay for it for me to turn around and require a comprehensive check. Or that I would then have to start tracking down the information that isn't included. 

I did use zillow at first for applicants and after the first applicant I switched over to the hand written application and a different screening service. Mainly because zillow doesn't give all the information and you're not able to print it out for your records and the background check and application is only available to view for 30 days. I would like to have a hard copy for my record. So thats why I wont use them in the future. Only to list my properties. 

I haven't decided yet if I will use them to collect payment.