Commercial Real Estate Attorney - North West Missouri

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Good day everyone,
I am looking for an attorney in North Western Missouri (or easily driveable) that is experienced in Commercial Real Estate Investing and aspects of Asset Protection concerning real estate.

I have tried several searches and the couple that I came up with are in Kansas City (not very close, but that's ok, you can't have everything and 100 miles isn't a bad drive in the summertime) and none of them bothered to return my queries after multiple attempts. I guess they have far too many paying clients to be bothered.

If anyone can recommend someone I would be very grateful.

Thank you in advance.

Thanks Austin,

That was crazy fast!
Ya, that's a little far. I am north of St. Joseph about 45 minutes. So, that would be like the exact opposite side of the state.

I hope there is someone a touch closer :)

Thank you very much though.


@Bob Starlin It's more important to have a really good attorney than a close attorney. Maybe one introductory meeting is necessary, if even, but with technology and the ease of escrow closings, anyone good can handle for you. You may want to consider some of the recommendations people are giving even if they are a little far. Phone, internet and a good title company are the key to it all!

@Jessica Zolotorofe
Thank you, Ms. Zolotorofe,
I certainly appreciate your insight and also the taking the time to respond, that was very kind.
I understand the nature of the digital world we live in, and how it is unnecessary to be face to face in person for every meeting. However, there are times when "breathing the same air" as it were, as your professional representative is important to make sure there are no misunderstandings and misinterpretations. So, yes, I agree with your point that a good representative is better than a close representative. Excellent point actually, and I haven't ruled this out. If it comes to that, so be it.

However, that doesn't mean that there are no good professionals near me. I haven't been looking that long after all.
Kansas City is about an hour and a half, and as I mentioned I did find a few listed there that were marketing the points I was looking for, but they have not responded to my inquiries as of yet. So, I thought I would reach out on here to see if anyone can recommend someone that they are already familiar with that might be closer to me. I am in a niche between Des Moines, Omaha, and Kansas City, so I should have some resources somewhere within driving distance.

I am not averse to finding a good attorney to represent from me from Estonia, Beijing or the Marianas Island chain if necessary, but I thought I might find one close enough to shake hands with and see if I like them as a person first.

Most importantly of all of these things, if they are closer to me, the likely hood that they are familiar with my market increases. And, admittedly, selfish as this makes me, this also makes them a potential future resource for other things like brokers, lenders, investors that I might be able to tap into should the opportunity present itself, which is more important than whether they are another mass produced legal professional that knows where to obtain and cut and paste phrases from an online database so as to then bill me $350 / hour for their "expertise". 

Anyway, I really do appreciate your post. I agree with it all, I just wanted to explain why I am looking for someone close enough to meet in person first. Should that prove untenable, then Skype / Facetime for meetings it is likely to be. Maybe I can find a helpful attorney from New Jersey willing to help an old man ;)

Thank you for your time.
Have a great holiday to you and your family and co-workers if I don't talk to you again before then.


@Matt Crawford
I'm sorry Matt, I didn't see your post for some reason until now. 
I haven't found one yet, but some other things have bubbled to the top of the priority list (we are still unpacking from our move, as well as the holiday season stuff). I am going to be back on the search soon and I will update you when I get something.

@Matt Crawford
Hey Matt, I am not sure if you saw the post further up. I was just going through it again and @Logan Freeman mentioned that he is from KC and has some potential referrals he might be willing to help with.

Logan, I am profusely sorry I did not respond to your earlier response for some reason all I got notified of was the suggestion from Jessica Zolotorofe and I never bothered to scroll up two clicks. Humblest apologies. I am in the car at the moment, I will message you later if that is ok.

Thank you, sir!