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Greetings BP Folks,

I'm looking to invest in the Kansas City, MO area.  This will be an out of state investment for me and I wanted to get more information on several neighborhoods.  I've been checking online (trulia, realtor, google street, etc) to get a feel for the neighborhoods, but its always nice to get input from the community and those who have invested in the area.

I'm interested in these neighborhoods (Stadium/East Park,  Hickman Mills,  Heart of the City) any input you can provide would be greatly appreciated.  

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Thanks everyone for the resources and information. I decided to compile all the information in to one location. Hope this help others. BP Post abundance of info (Thanks @Chris Dawson) https://www.biggerpockets.com/forums/48/topics/276800-kansas-city-missouri-zip-codes?page=1 Kansas City Zip Code Map http://www.zipmap.net/Missouri/Jackson_County/Kansas_City.htm Heat Map (Thanks @Eric P.) https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1J1Fb7qd_8tJsHuRclmIhlDC3GHI&ll=39.07580281398376%2C-94.53176953105469&z=11 green = desirable red = avoid yellow = some good/some bad blue = mostly good Market Analysis Tool https://quantmaps.com/location/kansas-city-missouri/

@Luther Wilson III ,  Thanks for offering to assist, I greatly appreciate it.  I'll definitely take you up on that offer.

@Kyla Clayton ,  KCM definitely looks like a great market to look into.  Let me know how your research is going for the area.  I'm so glad to have reached out to the BP community and get their input on the market.  There's a lot of information to process.

@Kyla Clayton we are transplants here in KC. We moved here to start up our flipping business. Now own rentals, a brokerage, PM, and flip in KC. I love this market. PM me if you have any questions. 

Thanks everyone for the info, I compiled the information i could find and linked it below.  Hope this helps out others.

BP Post abundance of info (Thanks @Chris Dawson)


Kansas City Zip Code Map


Heat Map (Thanks @Eric P.)  


green = desirable

red = avoid

yellow = some good/some bad

blue = mostly good

Market Analysis Tool


You should decide who you want as a renter and then pick the area that best serves those types of tenants... This will help you filter out a lot of noise surrounding KC and cut through what is fact and what is best described as marketing material...