Experience with financing from Cornhusker Bank

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Hey locals! Close to finishing a deal that will involve my partner and I taking over a mortgage that is through Cornhusker Bank. It's our first experience with them and so far it's gone smoothly. Since they're smaller/more local we've been talking about whether we should work with them to finance our next deal (likely a house hack in Lincoln) as well.

Does anyone have experience with Cornhusker Bank as a lender? Beyond just rates and terms, are they easy enough to work with for investors? Do you have a Cornhusker Bank horror story we should know about? Thanks in advance!

The process of taking over the mortgage at Cornhusker Bank has been smooth which is nice since the seller was in arrears and we needed some flexibility from the bank to get her back in good standing.  We've also started working with Lincoln Federal a bit.  I can't remember his name because my partner primarily handles mortgages, but they have a loan officer there who is an investor himself and he seems to understand the complexities of the business.  Hope all that helps!

We've purchased both of our own homes through Lincoln Federal using Mike Isaacson.  We liked them enough that we intend to go back to Mike when it's time for a cash-out refi on our rehabs.  We didn't really shop around much, but Mike knows us, and that's worth a lot to me.  I don't know whether Mike's investor himself or not.  Ryan, if you think of your loan officer's name, please share.

I asked my guy.  It's Ron Svoboda he's been working with at LF.  As rare as it seems to be on the whole, it's crazy that one local bank has two investor-friendly loan officers.