REIA in Northern New Jersey?

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Hi All. I'm looking to get into my first buy and hold property. Can anyone recommend a reputable REIA in Northern New Jersey? I did some searching on google and from the web sights I find I can't tell if they are the real deal.


TriState Mixer is pretty good. Haven't been in a while so I'm not sure. Google them as they are online.

There's another popular one that takes place in Garwood NJ. Here's a link to their last meetup:

Also, BP has a regular monthly meetup in NYC that @Darren Sager could tell you about. That's all I know about up this way. Not too many REIA's these days in Northern NJ it seems. GSREIA used to be hot but I think they had the wrong folks in charge at one time who were just playing Bully with their online forum.

I would attend a couple without joining, talk to the members and see if it's something you want to actually join.

Thank you @Ibrahim Hughes  

I came across these in the Google search but I couldn't tell if they were legit.

Have you gone to any of their meetups?

I wasn't able to make @Darren Sager  's meetup last week, and I'm looking forward to joining the next one.



@Ibrahim Hughes pointed out two good ones..there's also another one can find them on meet up

Ibrahim Hughes pointed out two good ones..there's also another one can find them on meet up .. I've been to all three

I always like smaller groups of people when it comes to REI meetings. At least for learning and networking. The best setup I think is more of a mastermind group of 4 to 6 people. You build really strong bonds that way.

It seems that almost all successful people are a part of some sort of mastermind group

Hi @Scott Costello  .  Could you elaborate on that a  bit: How does one find a mastermind group?



I'm not a master mind (yet?), but I want to start investing in SFRs out of state soon. I'm a second grade teacher and I've spent the summer researching REI and figuring out my path in this game. I would love to meet up with investors in the area, so keep me posted about any meet-ups!

Originally posted by @Felix L.:

Hi @Scott Costello .  Could you elaborate on that a  bit: How does one find a mastermind group?



Usually to find/create a good mastermind group you have to network and meet people in the industry (Although many great mastermind groups have members from different industries).  It's really about finding like minded people who are as driven as you are.  It could take time to find the right group/mix of people though. 

Use REIA or groups to start meeting other investors and build some relationships. Then over time target a handful of people and invite them to start a mastermind group.

By networking you also might just find someone who is part of an existing mastermind group and they might invite you to join.  

The difference between mastermind groups and your normal REIA is that the members all look out for, trade strategies, challenge and hold each other accountable.

I got a lot of experience working for others in CRE before putting my own and partners money at risk. The experience helped me to 1. Raise money from family, friends, and neighbors (ALWAYS with my money too)

 2. Buy properties that are making a good return for me and my partners

3.  Have the discipline to NOT buy properties that don't pan out when due dil reveals material problems.

There are probably properties I didn't buy that would have worked out well.  I'm probably overly cautious with my partners money.  I always disclose risks but I'm the RE guy and I feel like I have to earn the trust they put in me every day.  

This probably sounds like BS.  It's not.

I've been looking for an REI Group in Northern NJ, Sussex or Morris County. Anyone know or interested in forming one?

My fellow Northern NJ'ers

Check out these groups:






I have been to all of these. Some are better than others.. but that's a subjective comment and everyone should be able to draw their own conclusions.

Hope this helps.

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